I once came from the mindset that being a “writer” meant you had to have a book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble.  In order to count myself as a writer I thought I had to have that tangible representation of success.

But as I’ve grown in my careers and personal exploration, I’ve realized that being a writer is in large part accepting that all you need in order to call yourself a writer is the actual act of writing. From creative writing classes to marketing copy for a financial site to this blog I’ve realized that with every stroke of my keyboard, I become more and more of what I’ve always wanted to be.

And I want you to feel that way as well.

Becoming a Relentless Writer

It’s amazing to have a goal. New York Times Best Seller. Oprah’s Book Club. The next David Ogilvy. But if you ignore all the little stepping stones that could lead you there, then you (we) are cheating that dream.

Here I will explore everything from SEO to character development to book publicity and more.  All that I ask is for you to open your mind to what being a writer really is. Try some new styles. Explore some different arenas. Above all though, get relentless about how powerful your writing can be and how obtainable your dream really is.