I am not doing this by myself people.  There are amazing individuals doing amazing things in the writing and blogging worlds.  So I want to send you their way.  Each person, tool and blog mentioned has been an immense help to me.

Intentional Blogging by Jeff Goins

Jeff gets my first shout out because he’s the whole reason I was able to get my stuff together.  His 12-week course gets you in the right frame of mind and gives you tactical advice for getting started.

The Write Practice by Joe Bunting

Joe’s blog just has this really inclusive feel that begs you to participate in writing.  He also offers a monthly contest where you can compete for a chance to be included in a printed collection of stories.

BookSparksPR with Crystal Patriarche

If you’ve already written a book, but are lost about how to publicize this is where you should go.  I used to work here and Crystal has phenomenal ideas and innovation when it comes to PR.

Self Publishing Podcast with Johnny, Sean and Dave

This motley crew knows their stuff.  No matter how traditional you may be or how intent you are on getting an acceptance letter from Random House, you can’t ignore self-publishing.  This is the place to learn more about it.

OutstandingSETUP with Danny Cooper

If you suck at life when it comes to the technical side of blogging or want a little back up with trickier development elements  sign up for OutstandingSETUP.  It is only $19/month and you get everything you could ever want or need.  Danny and his team makes everything so easy whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro looking for help.

Tribe Theme

With a writer blog, I feel like less is more because at the end of the day you want everyone to focus on your words.  I spent an exhaustive amount of time looking at themes and ended up just following Jeff and Joe’s lead.

Tribe is clean, simple and built on the famous and flawless Genesis Framework.  And it’s in Danny’s OutstandingSETUP gallery.


One thing I have learned is to start collecting emails right away.  I haven’t used any other service, but I highly recommend Aweber.  It just makes the whole process simple and easy to implement.