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Relentless Writer is almost here.  As with anything, building a blog you’re proud of takes time.  Writing blog posts will be no problem, but all this tech crap is geekin’ me out.  Feel free to “Like” me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, Question me on Quora or shoot me an email.

I’m very chatty and would love to talk.  I should be mostly pleasant unless of course I am forced to look at some sort of HTML code or a widget is making me cry.  Otherwise, I look forward to diving into this blog thang and sharing our writing experiences together.

Though I have big plans for the content I intend to unleash in the coming months, I would love to hear from you.  Let me know what peaks your writing interests.

P.S. Don’t sign up with the subscribe box on the homepage yet.  That little sucker is among my many grievances and I am trying to force myself to take care of it.

P.P.S  This post is sort of a guinea pig for all my wild experiments, so try not to judge the entirety of this blog on what you see here.  Okay, I think that’s enough disclaimers for now.

My goal is to full on launch this mother June 1, 2012.  So stay tuned.  If you have any words of encouragement, I’ll take them!  If you have something nasty to say, prepare for an equally unkind retort.  I’m learning give me a break. Haha.

Have a great day and happy writing!!!

  • I hear you on setting up a website. Learning curve! Looks great though. I’m interviewing authors and others in the writing industry at Found your domain because, well, it’s a sweet domain name! Email me at Cheers!